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Sapore Pizza Oven

SAPORE Wood Fired Ovens

“Bring home an authentic wood fired oven, the Sapore Wood Fired Oven. Combining old world pride and craftsmanship with the latest in manufacturing technology, the Sapore is an authentic wood fired oven that delivers the performance found in fine Italian restaurants in a design you can take anywhere. The Sapore has a real Italian brick hearth combined with a stainless steel dome. This provides old world performance in a light weight solution. Perfect for your back yard and light enough to easily move around your patio. Bake, Roast, Grill, BBQ…..or simply enjoy the fire! Once you’ve tasted your favourite meal prepared in an authentic Wood Fired Oven, you’ll notice the difference. Our contemporary design has been featured in numerous home and outdoor magazines, bringing the best quality products to your outdoor room that can be used day and night all year round.”


Dorina Chimichurri Pizza Recipe

• 2 tablespoons  Dorina Chimichurri Sauce Mild or Hot on base or mixed in with tomato sauce
• 8-10 Slices of  salami or similar
• 200g (2 cups) Coarsely grated mozzarella
• 4 Boccoccini, split and separated sprinkle of dry chilli  flakes(optional),
• 8-10 Pineapple Pieces strained of juicess
• 4-6 Thin sliced red capsicum slices and of course the beautiful SAPORE Wood Oven by Chic Living that makes any entertainer and dish look amazing!

Step 1: Preheat the SAPORE Wood Oven to 250-400 degrees celcius
Step 2: Roll out dough in pizza shape
Step 3: Spread sauce evenly over dough
Step 4: Sprinkle cheese over the sauce
Step 5: Add all other ingredients sparingly over pizza (or as much or as little that you like)
Step 6: Place pizza  into a SAPORE Wood Oven woodfire and bake for 1-2 minutes or until golden and crisp
Step 7: Enjoy every bite

Discover the wonderful taste of a wood fired pizza